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Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania

The largest international conference on bioenergy, Nordic Baltic Bioenergy 2016, focused on the cooperation among the Eastern and Western European countries in this field, was taking place from 19 to 21 April.

During the conference, participants shared their experience and advanced technologies in the field regarding combined production of electric power and heat out of biological materials, production and usage of granulated materials, producing biofuel out of cellulose materials etc. Attention was also paid to the topics of the market development and political levers.

As a part of the conference’s program, representatives of 'Kyiv Green Energy' visited Lithuanian enterprises successfully supplying consumers with heat produced from biofuel usage and also industrial enterprises, where the newest technologies are introduced.

'Kyiv Green Energy' company is planning to use the experience acquired at the conference for developing the Ukrainian biofuel energy industry, which has only started moving in this direction.

We remind that Ukraine’s first economizer, developed by 'Kyiv Green Energy', started working at 'Boryspil' IA in March this year.