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Condensing Economizer With Capacity Of 1 MW


Shredded wood


Biofuel boiler with the capacity of 5 MW on the territory of 'Boryspil' International Airport

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August 24 2015 – March 18 2016

Economizers with the system of deep cooling of the boiler smoke is a minimum level of energy saving in the production of thermal energy.

Ukraine inherited the Soviet system of boiler, where the main problem of its operation is large energy losses. The source of the first stage of losses is 'overheating' of the flue gas at the inlet of the chimney. This circumstance is due to the fact that the chimneys of the 'Soviet' model were made from brick or concrete, and the material is destroyed by condensation of water vapor and low ambient temperatures. This is the reason for which all the forced air is supplied into the high temperature flue gas (150 ° C +), while the customer network receives the temperature of + 60 C - + 80 ° C. It turns out that the chimney is the most preferred consumer!

In the Baltic countries, where there is a similar heating system, this problem was solved long ago. At the legislative level they decided that the flues must receive the heat in the last resort, after all consumers have received their part of the energy. Technical solution was simple: set the heat exchanger between the boiler and chimney, in which there is a selection of waste heat by heating the heat carrier, which is returned from the network.

As a part of the energy independence plan of gas consumption in 'Boryspil' International Airport, thanks to cooperation with the independent Ukrainian energy company 'Kyiv Green Energy', for the first time in Ukraine a modern technology of deep cooling of smoke called 'economizer' was introduced, which allows to receive an additional 25% of heat energy. Such devices are successfully used in the Baltic countries, whose heating systems operate similarly to ours. In particular, during the last heating season Lithuania received 14% of the total heat volume of the country via economizers.

Also there is a notable positive effect on the environment: the use of economizers reduces the particulate emissions into the air and carcinogens (up to 50 mg / m3).

Video: First Ukraine's Economizer Was Established at 'Boryspil' International Airport