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Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine

The third forum entitled 'Energy&Climate dialogue. Ukraine: decarbonisation and economy growth', organized by Bellona company, took place on 14 April.

Ukrainian and international experts discussed global issues regarding the introduction of innovative low-carbon technologies and reduction of harmful gases and other industrial emissions. What is more, the experts paid attention to the topic of energy efficiency, in particular to the availability of technical solutions for improving energy usage efficiency in the Ukrainian industry.

The forum’s participants also discussed the consequences of the Paris Conference for Ukraine accentuating at the role of Energy Strategy of Ukraine-2035 and the Ukraine–EU Association Agreement. The European experts told about the political state of energy field after the Paris Conference and presented newest technologies for deep decarbonisation and carbon content reduction.

The experience of introducing industrial energy efficiency technologies in Denmark and Ukraine was reviewed within the context of the European biomass law.

Overall, the participants’ discussions came down to one thought – the achievement of the goals set by the Paris Agreement is only possible with government’s support.