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первый экономайзер глубокого охлаждения Украина

Venue: 'Boryspil' International Airport

Ukraine’s first economizer has started working at 'Boryspil' International Airport. Due to the use of advanced technology, it became possible to get up to 20% of thermal energy from the flue gas, evolving out of biofuel boiler operation.

'Kyiv Green Energy' company began to re-equip the airport’s boiler room in August 2014. Almost two years’ work has been a success - by installing a highly efficient boiler and using biofuel the airport now gets five megawatt of energy without any negative impact on ecology and saves over a million UAH monthly.

Economizer presentation was attended by the chairman of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine Sergiy Savchuk, a people’s deputy of Ukraine and the chairman of the interfractional union 'For the Energy Independence of Ukraine' Oleksandr Dombrovskyi and the supervisory board chairman of the company 'Kyiv Green Energy' Volodymyr Maystrishyn.

Sergiy Savchuk has marked the importance of introducing similar technologies for Ukraine’s energy independence and its economy in general. Let’s note that switching to biofuel is not only a possibility to stop purchasing Russian gas, but also to create new jobs for tens of thousands of Ukrainians.

During his speech, Volodymyr Maystrishyn expressed hope that the positive experience of taking care for ecology and heat consumption of 'Kyiv Green Energy' will be an example and a source of inspiration for those aiming to reduce the self-cost of heat. Clearly, the government’s support is needed for further development – only then bioheat producers will be able to enter the nationwide market. For now, 'Boryspil' IA is the only state enterprise with an economizer, however it is just the beginning. It’s quite possible that in the near future biofuel will become the main heat source and economizer’s potential will be fulfilled in boiler houses all over Ukraine.

It’s worth mentioning that the launch of the economizer, which was designed by 'Kyiv Green Energy', is an important stage in the realization of Ukraine’s energy independence plan.

Video: First Ukraine's Economizer Was Established at 'Boryspil' International Airport