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Venue: IEC, Kyiv

From 17 to 20 May, the 18th International exhibition for energy-efficient heating, water supply, ventilation, air-conditioning and renewable energy 'Aqua-Therm' was taking place at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) (Kyiv). 'Aqua-Therm' is considered to be the most influential and important event of the field in all the Eastern Europe.

This year, the exhibition has gathered a record-breaking amount of participants from 21 countries of the world, including, apart from Ukraine, Austria, China, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and others. German, French and the US representatives have joined the forum for the first time. Over 50 thousand visitors and 480 participating companies affirm the immensity of the event and its importance for the development of energy efficiency and energy saving on international level.

'Kyiv Green Energy' company jointly with a partner 'Enerstena' (Lithuania) took active part in positioning themselves in the alternative energy market of Ukraine and presented a joint project – condensation economizer for 'Boryspil' International Airport. Advanced developments and solutions in cogeneration field (combined production of heat and electric power) for the young Ukrainian market of alternative energy were presented as well.

Overall, this year’s exhibition has presented, in a balanced way, various technologies, without giving priority to a single one, as it was in 2015 with solid fuel boilers. However, 'Aqua-Therm 2016' was notable for the significant attention paid to the technologies aimed for resources saving and energy efficiency in expositions arrangement.

19th exhibition 'Aqua-Therm 2017' is planned to be held traditionally at the IEC in May next year.