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Venue: NKREKP, Kiev

June 17, 2016 the National Commission for state regulation in the areas of energy and utilities held consultations with the public - round table 'Ways to improve the efficiency of the CHP, the transition to coal, etc.' (discussion of the regulation of the creation of local thermal energy markets at the legislative level).

The main objective of the round table was to examine the problems of participation of CHP in the competitive model of electricity market of Ukraine, as well as the modernization and reconstruction. During the round table possible ways to improve the efficiency of thermal power stations, reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, the introduction of new technologies of solid fuel combustion were discussed. Appropriateness of the transition to burning of coal and other alternative fuels projects and reconstruction of thermal power plants were discussed and substantiated from technical and economic point of view.

The representatives of the Public Council and other civic institutions, representatives of business entities in the field of heating, including the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company 'Kyiv Green Energy' Maistrishin Vladimir took part in the consultation with public.

The Meeting ended with the consent of the participants on the need to develop a competitive environment in the Ukrainian heat supply and create the conditions for functioning of the local thermal energy markets. The National Commission gave assurances that all the roundtable participants ideas and proposals will be examined, but only the reasonable ones will be taken to consideration.